Purposes & Principles
This is a non-profit foundation dedicating itself to the prevention, treatment, and research of children’s hepatobiliary diseases.  Major tasks would include:
  1. To provide support and education regarding early diagnosis and peri-operational assistance involved with Biliary Atresia, Hepatitis, and other hepatobiliary diseases among children.
  2. To promote awareness and education to 1st-line health care providers in a nationwide manner related to early diagnosis and management of Biliary Atresia, Hepatitis, and other hepatobiliary diseases.
  3. To encourage and support research of children’s hepatobiliary diseases by domestic medical professionals.
  4. To promote academic exchange internationally.
  5. To raise operational funds.
Treatments for children’s hepatobiliary diseases are complicated and intertwined with many factors. Thanks to medical advances, many of those young kids have achieved an excellent survival. Without your help, this would not be possible. All operational funds of this foundation have come from your kind support; your generosity has been the most fortunate hope for those unfortunate. Thank you!